Wednesday, October 17, 2012

About the header image: October 17, 2012

This week's header image is by Stephanie Force ( and is of this past weekend's Chalk Festival at the Wilkes-Barre River Commons. This is a crop of a larger image, one of two that Stephanie submitted in the wee hours of this morning. I liked it so much that I immediately turned it into a blog header and then submitted it to Michelle, asking if we could swap it in for the image originally scheduled to run this week. (I think that one may run sometime in the Winter, when it will be greatly appreciated.)

When cropping images to turn them into headers, I wield the scissors viciously: What is this about? What is essential? What can be cut? Different crops can create different images, different moods, but in many cases the stuff that got cut had a story all its own. Here's a resized version of the 3888 pixel x 2592 pixel original:

This image makes the Wilkes-Barre River Commons look even more majestic, and presents the architecture of the courthouse fantastically. And here's a detail from near the center of the image, showing the children and their chalk creations:

It turns out this isn't the first time we've featured a Chalk Festival image as the blog header. The first time we used one, I didn't realize that's what it was - though Michelle did! That was this image by Shivaun O'Donnell which we used back in June, just ahead of Riverfest.

Do you have any images of Northeastern Pennsylvania that you'd like to see featured as the header on NEPA Blogs? Send them to us at and maybe you'll see it being used within twenty-four hours!

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