Wednesday, October 31, 2012

About the header image: October 31, 2012

As Halloween arrives in NEPA preceded by its new annual tradition of unseasonable weather events (last year a snowfall of several inches, this year a visit from a hurricane wrapped in a Nor'easter), this image from Trish Hartman reminds us of one of the more traditional sights of the season: pumpkins! Whether being turned into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, being turned into soup or pie or delicious roasted seeds, or just being used as decorations, pumpkins are a sign that Summer is over, Fall is here, and soon we will be facing another Winter. Trish captured this image at Roba's Tree Farm in Dalton.

If you have any images you think capture some of the flavor or character of Northeastern Pennsylvania, send them in to us at and we'll use them as the NEPA Blogs header some week!

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