Thursday, October 04, 2012

Rebuilding Sean

A few Saturday mornings ago, Andy Palumbo recommended that I add one of his friend's blogs to NEPA Blogs.  Sean Gowden started his blog back in August.  It will chronicle his adventure of getting back into shape.

From the first post:

God...I've let myself go.  Time to change.  All new, rebuild...from the ground up.

3 goals:

Sean minus 50 pounds of blubber.

Sean finally builds the winemaking and beermaking apps for iOS
Sean does this while being a better husband and dad. (and that's not saying I'm not already a good husband and dad.)


This blog is for me.  If you gain some insight, inspiration or entertainment value, then good for you.   I'm here to rebuild myself, be the guy I want to be; not the guy I currently am.

You can follow Sean's journey to achieving his goals at