Friday, February 15, 2013

AJazz Networks

When evil geniuses Alex Zarnoski, Kyle Cicilioni, Charles McHale, Mark Dillman, Brianne Beatty, and Jon Lund get together behind a video camera or a microphone, you can be sure that pure magic is about to happen.  This magic has been captured in a series of podcasts, blogs and Internet Shorts (ala SNL) on the AJazz Networks website/blog.

Ajazz Networks promises to be originally different, delivering unique show formats that cover topics such as tech news, sports, movie reviews, and other utter randomness to melt your mind.  With the writers' insightful opinion pieces and criticisms, there is a little something for everyone to enjoy.

I personally recommend checking out the R. A. N. T. (R.A.N.T. stands for Rambling About Notable Topics) blog first!  Valentine's Day may be over, but today is "Singles Awareness Day".  There's a great post on the blog right now that gives single people advice on how to cope with being alone on Valentine's Day.

Besides the R.A.N.T. blog, here are some of the other podcasts/shows to enjoy:

-The Salinor Show
-AJazz Tech
-Internet Amazings
-Cinema Clash

Ajazz Networks has been added to our blog roll.  Know of any other avid podcasters or video bloggers?  Send us an email at so that we can feature them in an upcoming blog post!

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