Saturday, February 09, 2013

Welcome to Scranton (the blog)

Here's a blog that I should have known about for a while, but actually came across by accident while looking for information about something else.

Welcome to Scranton (the blog)

From the "About" page:

Greg Halpin was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
He opened gourmet coffee shop Café del Sol in the mid 1990s where some of the scenes take place in his novella Welcome to Scranton.
Halpin now lives in State College, Pennsylvania with his wife Elisha. He works for his alma mater, Penn State University. Halpin hosts a Jazz program each month on WPSU-FM. You can listen online at

Greg's posts cover Scranton, Penn State, and topics that interest him, including jazz. There's also news and information about his book, Welcome to Scranton. Check it out!

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