Thursday, April 18, 2013

From the Mailbag: Mommy & Me: Finding and Losing Myself in Motherhood

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I received an email at work from Andy that pointed me to a new "Mommy Blogger".  From the original email:

My reticent wife joined Facebook and started blogging on WordPress a mere 3 weeks ago, and she's already friends with FB's COO Sheryl Sandberg and had a blog post on her "Lean In"  book go viral and get on CNN's homepage because Sandberg posted it on her FB page with this ringing endorsement:
"Of all of the things that have been written about Lean In, this post is one of my favorites. Thank you, Jennifer, for understanding that the point of Lean In is for each of us to make deliberate choices about what is right for us, and then go after our goals ambitiously and unapologetically. Your example is a great example for women of going through that process and making the best choice for them. Thank you for leaning in to your goals - and sharing your thoughts with all of us."
Cool story, no?  
More info can be found here:
-Barry Kuhle

Personally, I've always had a pet peeve with the term "Mommy Blogger".  Just because you are a Mom who blogs, doesn't necessarily mean you are a "Mommy Blogger".  There are a bunch of Moms out there that blog about things other than Mommyhood.  Jenny's blog delves into this theory more deeply, as discussed in her about section:

I love, love, love being a mother and all that it entails. I love it so much that it oozes out the tips of my fingers and the ends of my hair. Aside from marrying my wonderful husband, I have experienced no greater joy in life than becoming a mommy to my baby girl in 2009 and my baby boy in 2012. But I am coming to realize that there is danger in defining ourselves primarily through and by our children. Do I really want motherhood to encapsulate all that I am? Does that mean that I have lost part of myself? What about that person I used to be before I was a mother? I truly have found myself in motherhood, but I am also losing myself in it, and this blog is my attempt to find myself again.

You can follow along with Jenny's journey through her blog located at:

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Nicole said...

Love this most recent post regarding "Lean In".
Amen, sister.