Sunday, April 07, 2013

VanessaLeigh: Life, love, the Universe, human connection

Here's a blogger I just met through my writing group. She came to this week's meeting to see what we were all about, and mentioned that she was a blogger as well as a writer.

Life, love, the Universe, human connection

From her "About" page:

Hey there.  Welcome to my world, funky as it is most days and moments.  Just came to the wonderful world of wordpress, and I thoroughly love my new home already.  I am a blogger for over a year now, although I am a lifelong writer.  I tend to write more freely and creatively on a keyboard of some sort; in college it was a typewriter; now I have evolved to a laptop.  I am a free spirit, learning about the world fully a moment at a time.  I am a partner, a mom, a pet owner, a home owner, a cyber junkie, an activist, a spiritual being, a mentor, a learner, and so many other things that I can hardly think of right now.  Life is for living, and I believe in getting down to the business of doing just that.  I hope that you enjoy what I have to say in my little space of the world here.  Peace out, people.

Be sure to check out Vanessa Leigh's blog!

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