Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Miss Shuganah

Another long-overdue link to one of the folks from last year's NEPA Blog Con. I might have met her, especially if she was hanging out with Para-Dice Jackson. I have a terrible memory for names, but I'm pretty sure I wound up with one of her blog cards. (BLOG CARDS ARE VERY IMPORTANT, YO.)

Anyway. This is one of those blogs that makes you think it needs a parental advisory sticker, except that none of the crass or outrageous or offensive stuff that Miss Shuganah Posts is any worse than the crass or offensive or outrageous stuff anyone else posts. Plus it's funny, and there's stuff about dogs and recipes and whatnot.

Miss Shuganah: cesspool of batshit

Check it out. And come to the NEPA BlogCon on October 5 and see what kind of interesting bloggers you might meet there!

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Unknown said...

Woah. Very funny, very abrasive. Super entertaining and original. Sort of like a young female Dice Clay or Howard Stern- but crafty, as well. Go art school skills/ supplies! As a fellow BFA photog grad who tends to curse, I can (slightly) relate.