Wednesday, February 26, 2014

About the header image: February 26, 2014

NEPA is seeing its first real winter in several years in 2014. Oh, previous years have had some snow, and some stretches of cold, but nothing like the extended period of subfreezing temperatures that we endured from early January through mid-February. And snowfall after snowfall - none of them measuring up to things like the Valentine's Day Storm on 2007, but when you consider that each one fell before the previous one had melted at all, the total effect was enormous - and, in the cases of collapsing buildings due to overloaded roofs, disastrous.

The effect on the roads of NEPA has been pretty disastrous as well. Since we've gotten away for several years without any major extended freezes, we've also gotten away without too many pothole eruptions. That ended this year, and it seems that all the potholes that should have formed in previous years (but didn't) decided to make their presences known in 2014. If you can make it through the rest of this winter without any pothole-related damage to your car, consider yourself fortunate.

The picture for this week's header comes from Scranton photographer and blogger Frank Dutton ( Normally he takes pictures of waterfalls, trains, and other scenic aspects of life in Scranton, but recently he captured this ginormous axle-breaker on the Harrison Avenue Bridge in Scranton. Potholes are as much an aspect of life in NEPA as anything else, so this image illustrates well the situation many folks in NEPA are faced with. Do not despair, though - when looked at from another point of view, it becomes clear that this is indeed the Pothole of Love! (One of them, anyway.)

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