Wednesday, February 05, 2014

About the header image: February 5, 2014

This stunning sunrise image is just one in a series of photos taken by Don Williams, the Susquehanna River Sentinel. Each one is amazingly beautiful, showing a slight variation from the ones before and after it, and it was difficult to choose just one to be featured as the NEPA Blogs header image. I finally decided to use the first one in the series, which was the first one I had seen. In it the sun is a smoldering, dull red, while the foreground is obscured by a gray haze. In later images the sun becomes a more pronounced red, and then dazzlingly bright, while the foreground darkens in contrast to the sun. This first image is the most alien, and at the same time the most primal, as if an image of a snow-covered landscape just waking up. Be sure to view the complete sequence and see which one is your favorite!

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