Sunday, February 09, 2014

Student Affairs Sensible

This message arrived in the NEPA Blogs mailbag recently:

My name is Gracie Gilbert and I’m just starting my blog adventure. It’s a lifestyle blog about trendy yet professional outfits and other tidbits as I work my way through my graduate program at Bloomsburg. I’d love to be linked =)

Student Affairs Sensible

From the About page:

I love clothes and looking super cute, feeling pretty, being trendy, and feeling awesome about myself. What I love more than being trendy is saving money and I enjoy showing people how easy that can be. I also love proving that there is a way to look both 20-something and professional in the work place. The days of monotonous business suits are over.

Whether you're a student or not, this is a great resource for looking professional and fashionable without spending a fortune. Check it out!

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