Saturday, January 14, 2006

k8, Rochelle, and Ben Folds Laundry

k8 (pronounced "Kate", not "Kay-Eight") is a local musician. Her music is reminiscent of Melissa Etheridge and the Indigo Girls, but ultimately she sounds a lot like, well, k8. Her CD's are available at the Wilkes-Barre locations of local record store chain Joe Nardone's Gallery of Sound.

I first met k8 a few years ago at a now-closed local bar/restaurant where she was playing. I was delivering some posters that a graphic artist I know had printed up for an upcoming show in which they would both be playing. I stuck around for the show, and she was great. I've only heard her play a few times since then, but I always intend to see her more often.

Rochelle was k8's roommate at the time and was also at the show. I wound up hanging out with Rochelle, but spent a lot more time playing Scrabble with Rochelle's (very cute) mom while k8 played. (There was a Scrabble board varnished into the bar surface, and a big bowl of letters to play with.)

I only saw Ben Folds Laundry once while Rochelle was taking him for a walk. He died last year, but still somehow manages to maintain his blog from heaven. Go and check it out, and tell your friends that you were on the blogsite of a dead dog!

Warning: These are all MySpace sites, which means they are all resource hogs and will crash your computer if it isn't up to the task. I wouldn't recommend trying to open them all up at once!

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