Friday, January 13, 2006

Welcome to NEPA Blogs!

Welcome to NEPA Blogs, a clearinghouse and link site for blogs and other websites about Northeastern Pennsylvania, or by folks from Northeastern Pennsylvania. This isn't an original concept, or even an original name. Hopefully, it will serve its function well.

First off, let's define where Northeastern Pennsylvania is. This seems like a pretty straightforward question, but definitions vary widely - I recently saw a "Map of Northeastern Pennsylvania" that treated Nanticoke as the southwestern boundary! For me, I define NEPA as being a region generally north of Interstate 80 and east of an imaginary line extending north from the point where I-80 crosses the Susquehanna. This definition would include Berwick, but would exclude Hazleton - so we'll modify it to include Hazleton and surrounding communities. It also excludes Bloomsburg, but I think Bloomsburg can be safely thought of as "East Central PA." Still, these are fuzzy boundaries, and are subject to change.

There. Technical definition out of the way. Now, what is the purpose of this blog?

The purpose of this blog is to provide a link site for as many blogs and websites as I can find that are about NEPA or by people from NEPA. This site won't be about content; it will point you to content on other sites. Not just blogs, either - radio and TV stations, newspapers, historical sites, city sites, and fansites for Miss Judy's Hatchy Milatchy and Uncle Ted's Ghoul School - whatever I can find!

It will take me some time to just insert all the links I already know about. I don't plan to do this alone - I intend to extend invitations to other local bloggers to help me build this. If you want to come on board, or want to submit some links, e-mail me or post a comment!


Chiara said...

The Whitmoyer Art Studio & Gallery is a family-run establishment devoted to promoting artistic and cultural activities in a rural setting. We are located just outside Millville, a charming little community nestled in the Pennsylvania countryside.

William Whitmoyer and his daughter Giselle produce most or their work on site and we host other local artists. We currently carry original artworks and reproductions by Christopher Badalucco, Dona Blue, Lynne Fiocchi, Mark Golomb, Larry Ney II, Jo Thompson Pennypacker, Lori Reese, Paul Remaley, Marlin Wagner, as well as Giselle and William Whitmoyer. These artists' works vary in media from painting and drawing to photography, jewelry, pottery and sculpture.

We aspire to work with our community to promote art and culture through an array of activities and events. EVERYONE is welcome to come into our Gallery and enjoy the artwork on display, exchange a few words, share some time with us.

We are about a 45 minute ride from many Poconos resorts, Rickett's Glen State Park, World's End State Park, the village of Eagles Mere, and Knoebels' Grove in Elysburg, just to name a few local attractions. We are presently featuring nine local artists, their media ranging from photography to paintings, drawings, jewelry and pottery, and we accept new talent frequently.

I would appreciate it if you were to post a link to our website:

Mandy Boyle said...

Hi there :)

I've just moved, so if you could update your link to me that would be awesome.

My old URL:


Thanks so much!