Friday, January 13, 2006

Some links to NEPA bloggers

So, may as well just dive in and start adding links to NEPA blog sites. We'll start with four. I'll be adding these to the sidebar in alphabetical order, showing regional affiliations where known.

Another Monkey: This is my blogsite. I'm based out of Nanticoke. I occasionally blog about the area, sometimes with photographic illustrations.

Gort42: This is run by Gort, out of Wilkes-Barre. It focuses a lot on local politics and regional issues.

Watermelon Punch: Chloe's website focuses a lot on the area. She also hosts and writes for the original NEPA Blog, as well as several other local sites. She is based in Scranton but ranges all over NEPA.

webster107: John Webster is half of the morning team of Daniels & Webster from Rock 107, a Scranton Classic Rock radio station. He is new to blogging, but hopefully he will persuade a few more folks from NEPA to start blogs!

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