Saturday, January 21, 2006

It's a lot easier to find sites about NEPA than it is to find blogs by people from NEPA. And while I'm trying to be inclusive and non-judgmental, I'm reluctant to load up the sidebar with links to blogs of the "wOoT! U R teh BOM!" variety.

So, slogging through a Blog Search on the acronym "NEPA" and filtering out all those referring to the National Environmental Protection Act or the Nude Elbonian Penguin Admirers or other unrelated groups, as well as all those hits for this blog site or other sites that we've already linked, I finally came across a new one: Lee Ann's!

I'm thinking of posting a call for blogsites in the local record and book stores, and maybe even sending a letter to the local newspapers. I wonder if they'd print it?

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