Monday, June 08, 2009

The Dead

NEPA Blogs bids a sad farewell to these sites. Every one of them was a product of someone's efforts, someone's passion, but now they are gone. Each one's passing is a loss to the blogosphere.

From Crystal Club Soda to Gertrude Hawk Chocolate - DEAD
Ignorance Is Bliss - DEAD
My Little Black Cloud - DEAD
NEPA Exposed - spammed, no longer active
Scranton-at-Large - DEAD
Stop the Supply Sider Insanity - DEAD - DEAD
Tax and Small Business Forum - DEAD
Voice of the People, USA - DEAD
W-B Citizens On Line - DEAD
Wilkes-Barre Politics - DEAD

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

lol I checked NEPA Exposed to see how bad and what kind of spam it was. Like I had to look right. Brings a whole new meaning to the forum.