Monday, June 08, 2009

NEPA Bloggers links: the review

I've gone through the complete list of NEPA Bloggers from the sidebar - "complete" as far as the sidebar goes; there are some that have been mentioned in blog posts that I never added to the sidebar. I'll check those out, too.

Some of these are just archives. Some are websites that do not feature continuously updated feeds. Some have been inactive for a while. Some are dead, no longer in existence, or cybersquatted into oblivion.

The dead will be removed. Everything else will be added to the new list, though the archives and websites without feeds will automatically go to the bottom. The inactive sites will fall to the bottom, too, though that will change whenever they are updated.

Here's the list:

#1: The complete archives of the original NEPA Blog - archive
A Pennsylvania Burkean - last updated March 16, 2008
Adventures of the Card Lady - active
Another Monkey - linked
Author: David Yonki - last updated January 31, 2008
Beale's Bites - linked
Ben Folds Laundry - MySpace site, last updayed 2006
Big Dan's Big Blog - linked
Bringing the Majority to Luzerne County - last updated January 6, 2008
Coal Region Voice - linked (formerly Baldwin Brothers) - last updated May 28, 2008
Coming Back to Life (formerly Small Town Stacey) - linked
Computer Wise TV Blog - linked
Cultural Council of Luzerne County - last updated June 21, 2008
Daily Dose o' Donna - active
Dallas, Pennsylvania (The Other Dallas) - linked
Dining in and around Northeastern Pennsylvania - last updated July 10, 2008
Doherty Deceit - active
Dr. Glenn Czulada, Chiropractor - linked
Dr. Tara's Thoughts & Ideas, etc. ... - last updated July 29, 2007
Fading Ad Blog: NEPA - active
From Crystal Club Soda to Gertrude Hawk Chocolate - DEAD - linked
Gort42 - linked
hints, allegations, and things left unsaid - last updated August 23, 2008
History's Shadow - last updated August 16, 2006
Ignorance Is Bliss - DEAD
J-Scranton - linked - active (linked?)
Jennifer D. Wade Journal - linked
John Cole Cartoons - linked
k8 - MySpace; active
Kelly Gibbons: artist and writer - linked
Kevin Blasi, Mortgage Specialist - last post Feb. 5, 2008 - active
Late Night Meanderings - last post Jan. 5, 2008
Life's A Dance You Learn As You Go - linked
Living in Sections (formerly Tales of a Hopemonger) - linked
Local Values - last updated Nov. 6, 2008
Luzerne County Courhouse News - last updated March 27, 2009 - linked
My Little Black Cloud - DEAD
Nanticoke News - archive site
NEPA Exposed - spammed, no longer active
NEPA Power! (Professionals Organized and Working to Enrich the Region) - active
NEPA Runner - active
Northeast PA media news and gossip - last updated November 7, 2008
Northeast Pennsylvania Center for Independent Living - linked
Northeastern PA Mortgages Blog - active (linked?)
Not Cease from Exploration - linked
Not Quite Grown-Up - linked
OfficeTally - linked
Old Forge Class of 1976 Blog - linked
Old Forge Pizza Blog - last updated Dec. 1, 2008
PA on the Go Weblog - active
People Against Wilkes-Barre Security Cameras - one post, 2005
People Say Stupid Things - last post May 24, 2007
Poconos/I-80 East Haunts & History - active at
Political Rants - linked
Politics in Northeast Pennsylvania - active - active
Publicity Photos - active, linked
QAZSE, a poetry blog from Dallas - active
Return to the NEPA Blogs main page
Rochelle (Currently "Friends-only" MySpace site)
Rock the Hyphen - last updated March 12, 2008
Scootin' Da Valley - linked
Scranton-at-Large - DEAD
Shadow's Reach - active
Shakin' The Tree - last updated Dec. 7, 2006
Slides and Slippers - active at
Starting a New Medical School - active (linked?)
Stop the Supply Sider Insanity - DEAD - DEAD
Surf Scranton - last updated 2/2/08
Surveying, Mapping, and GIS - active (linked)
Susquehanna River Sentinel - active, but no RSS feed!
Tax and Small Business Forum - DEAD
That's How I See It - last updated Nov. 5, 2008
The American Check-Up - last updated Dec. 4, 2008
The Angry Republican - last updated June 6, 2008
The Borys Blog - active (linked?)
The Duped Scholar - active
The Independent, Conservative, Common Sense Oasis - active
The Lady Speaks (new site) - updated March 15, 2009
The Lady Speaks (old site) - archive
The Lu Lac Political Letter - active (linked?)
The Old Cat Lady Speaks - active
The Rockin' Traddy - active (linked?)
Things At King's - linked - updated January 16, 2009
Vince Sweeney's Blog - active (linked)
Voice of the People, USA - DEAD
W-B Citizens On Line - DEAD
Watermelon Punch - last updated July 21,2008
webster107 - linked
Welcome to Trail Creek Properties, Inc. Luzerne, PA - website
West Side Republican - last updated January 24, 2008
Wilkes-Barre High Schools - last updated April 15, 2008
Wilkes-Barre Online - archive; linked and updating at
Wilkes-Barre Political Scene - active
Wilkes-Barre Politics - DEAD
Wyoming Valley Photos - updated January 6, 2009


qazse said...

Thank you for all your hard work in updating your links. No small task!

Anonymous said...

the archive at top is gone now too.

Anonymous said...
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