Friday, June 05, 2009

Two new blogs: NoFreeWind and Take A Hike

Two new blogs, relayed by the bloggers through the comments on the previous post:

NoFreeWind - Blogging The Heavy Price We Pay For Windpower (

From this introductory post (actually, the third post on the blog):

Did you think the wind was free? I don't think so. Let's start at the start, because frankly this question is a game of numbers and common sense and observation.

I live and work in Lackawanna County(PA) on the edge of the Poconos in Northeastern Pennsylvania. There are 209,000 people living in 86,218 households. How many wind turbines do we need to meet the needs of Lackawanna County residents? We are gong to start at the start and let's consider the number based on numbers supplied by a local wind farm.

And then we have Take A Hike (

From the introductory post:

Instead, I want to trek my great homestate of PA. We've got great trails in our state parks. I've been hiking them for most of my adult life but now that I'm hiking them with a full pack, getting dirty and gritty, and seeing PA from ground to mountaintop, I wanna tell you all about it. I'll give you some info on the local nature, hiking and backpacking, and give you the low down on my experiences here on PA trails. Look for my hiking zine (called "Take a Hike," which will be out soon) as a supplement to this blog.

Perhaps our next NEPA Bloggers' get-together could consist of a hike to one of the local wind farms! It would be a change of pace from the usual beer, cigarettes, and nachos!

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