Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More, more, more

There are hundreds, thousands, maybe tens of thousands of blogs out there in NEPA, or being done by people from NEPA. Just click on any of the blogs on the sidebar and you'll probably find a list of links to other local blogs. I found these through a Google search with almost no effort at all.

My Beer Buzz
So what is
Welcome to home of Northeastern Pennsylvania's craft beer scene. On this site you will find the latest, most up-to-date tap lists for all of our participating local beer bars & micro-breweries, and the newest cases at our local craft beer distributors. You can post comments, beer sightings, tap lists, upcoming events, new bottles, festivals, and even coming soon on tap lists. This list is open to bar owners, craft beer distributors, bartenders and even mybeerbuzz reporters (more details above).

Republican in NEPA
And I am African American....
Okay, this is the first of my musings of being in NEPA, Northeastern Pennsylvania, Republican, Female and Black....Who would have thought I existied...Well, it is a lonely life here...

We Talk NEPA

NEPA Twilight Moms
This blog is a place for NEPA (Northeastern Pennsylvania) TwilightMoms to keep track of all the latest happenings in the world of The Twilght Saga. Information is gathered from some of the biggest, most popular Twilight sites, including but not limited to: TwilightMoms, Twilight Lexicon, His Golden Eyes and Twilight Guide for us to enjoy and discuss. I am in no way taking credit for this news.

NEPA Harvest
NEPA Harvest is an online community portal aimed at cultivating an understanding and participation in socially responsible community supported agriculture, for the sustainability of the Northeastern Pennsylvania's environment and economy.

Blackout Design Blog

The Top 100 Twitterholics based on Followers in NEPA

blogcatalog: NEPA
myNEPA is NEPA's online community, an information gateway to Northeastern Pennsylvania. On myNEPA, you can find information about area businesses, community events, entertainment, weather, sports, news, history, photos, contests and more added every week. Create a profile to save your information.

Scranton and NePa blog index

Grateful Roast
Thanks for visiting Grateful Roast. NEPA’s Source for the worlds best fresh roasted coffee. Have a look around and learn a bit about who we are. We offer great wholesale rates too, so if you’d like to serve the best tasting coffee around, be sure to contact us with the inquiry. Also check the store.. great coffee abound!

Cada Momento
My name is Karyn. I was born in a small town in NEPA. I was raised Mormon, with both parents, a brother who is pretty much dead to me for various reasons, and a baby sister whom I hated the first half of her life, now I absolutely adore. I love dogs and cats. I had cockier spaniels growing up and I adore them. I want a bulldog or a pit now. My favorite color is purple, hence my pledge name of ‘Purple People Eater’. I am a member of a Greek organization. Alpha Sigma Tau. You can find me various places.

The Personal Blog of Matt Artz

MetroAction’s small business blog, InterAction, is NEPA’s most comprehensive online learning resource for small businesses. If there’s news that benefits NEPA small businesses we will talk about it here.

Wand'ring Thru Wayne & Pike County PA
Trying to get a new real estate blog off the ground and running is sometimes a slow process. I’ve had my ActiveRain real estate blog going for some time and have seen success, but I rarely get consumer comments (I think a lot of folks think you have to be a real estate agent to comment).

So I launched as an “independent blog” or, an “outside blog” as fellow ActiveRainer’s call it. Hopefully this will make consumers feel more comfortable commenting here or asking questions. The content on both blogs will be basically the same; though the ActiveRain blog may be a summary of what is posted here.

Since our start in 2005, we have been committed to developing a trusting relationship with our readers and independent business owners.

Our mission is simple: To be a being a creative catalyst for cultural change by promoting independent businesses and independent minds.

And let's not forget Andy Palumbo!


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