Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chirps from Center Ice

Who's ready for some playoff hockey? Raise your hands. Ok, the three of you in the back with your hands down can leave the room, as this most recent addition to NEPA Blogs is directly related to the local WBS Penguins. For those of you sticking around, keep on growing out those beards and #LETSDOTHIS.

Introducing "Chirps from Center Ice" a fan blog about the AHL's Wilkes-Barre / Scranton Penguins authored by Jason Iacona of Pittston.

From the About Me page:

Started a blog about a year later to go more in detail with the Twitter updates and add more. Never thought it would get as detailed as it is with AHL Previews at the beginning of the year for every team, Pregame “Gameday” reports, “Postgamerwriteups in addition to live tweeting the game in between.

This blog is jam packed with tons of stuff from the WBS Pens universe - sidenote: DON'T DARE CALL THEM THE BABY PENS on Jason's watch.

Also, of interest (but not technically qualifying as a "NEPA" blog per se) for Penguins hockey fans is the Pens Universe Hockey Blog. The Pens Universe hockey blog follows more of the goings on of the NHL (whereas Jason's blog covers mainly the AHL).

Both links will be added under the sports section of the sidebar on the right.


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