Friday, April 22, 2011


Conflicts are inevitable in life, and NEPA Blogs has become embroiled in one.  The glory that is Blog Fest (spring 2011 edition) is scheduled to take place on April 29, which is coincidentally the date of the Luzerne County Historical Society annual dinner.  Several individuals, it turns out, are involved in both the world of blogging and the LCHS, and having not yet learned the ancient discipline of bilocation cannot be in both places at once.

Ideally, such a conflict would be resolved by violence and choreographed musical dance numbers.  But this is not an ideal world, so several individuals will be at one event but not the other.

Among those is the blogger/historian known as Wallio, who founded and co-blogs at the blog called Tuned. From the introductory post:
This is Tuned, a blog all about cars. Old cars, new cars, fast cars, and yes even some slow cars. But mostly about custom cars. We'll test'em, review'em, show you where they're built, and interview their owners. Well also head down the track for some racing action and we'll even participate a bit as well.
Check out Tuned at .

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