Sunday, April 24, 2011

Growing Up Geek Podcast

The Growing Up Geek podcast is (as you may guess) about all things considered "geek". The topics of discussion can run the gamut from comic books, to video games, to technology. I know at least one of the podcasters - NEPA's own Jason Percival - who is one of the master minds behind the microphone. I am not familiar with the other two gents, but I can assure you that if they hang out with Jason, they know their stuff.

The podcasts, which are recorded weekly, are available for download free from the website or via iTunes.

From the About Us section on the webpage: We may get older, but we will never grow up. We still buy action figures, play video games, and lust after the newest, shiny gadget. At times we are fanboys, and other times we are harsh critics. We tell it like it is.

EDITED: To note that you can follow the adventures on Twitter under the username of @growingupgeek



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