Saturday, April 09, 2011

Deluxe Update

Did you know that NEPA Blogs has a page on Facebook Groups? It's true. Click here to go to the page, or search for "NEPA Bloggers" once you are logged into your Facebook account. A number of blogs have been posted to the wall of that page that were never added into our link sidebar. I'm taking some time this afternoon to add those blogs as well as let you know about a few other interesting sites that I've found through various social media outlets.

#1 - - Michael Scott of Wilkes-Barre (no relation to the manager of Dunder Mifflin in Scranton) states that he is actively trying to facilitate an interfaith and inter-spiritual conversation in the area. Be sure to check it out.

#2 - is a good friend and loyal follower of my Twitter account. "Frank's Place" is the Blogger account of Frank Dutton who labels himself as a local history buff. He posts amazing pictures of local scenery, historical sites and my personal favorite, trains/train stations!

#3 and #4 - is one of the blogs that have been posted to the Nepa Bloggers Facebook account and hasn't been posted. I apologize for our negligence in this matter! Nicole Karr from the Benton area shares with us her personal and business blogs. Personal:, titled "Here and Now.... and Then - handmade projects, musings, and updates- from a half acre homestead in the middle of nowhere". It features very crafty things which make me jealous, as I do not possess a crafty bone in my body. The business blog is: "Springhouse Shop and Studio". They're a husband and wife owned and operated custom woodshop designing and building furniture and cabinets from sustainably harvested local woods.

#5 and #6 are the blogs of Ryan Balton. He shares with us a personal blog located at and a blog dedicated to happenings in the Delaware Valley School District located at

I also wanted to share the following non-blog site - The Agnes Anniversary Project. The site/project was spearheaded by Alan K. Stout of the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader. Alan and his project team of Richard Briggs, Dr. Anthony Mussari (NEPA Blogs, listed under the Windsor Park Stories), Tony Brooks of the Luzerne County Historical Society, and Frank J. Pasquini are spearheading a new documentary dedicated to remembering the 40th anniversary of the Agnes Disaster. You can also find them on Facebook under "Agnes Flood Anniversary Project". Several followers of their Facebook page have shared photos and other media that may be used in the documentary.

Also, be sure to check out "NEPA's Social Network" which is aiming to be the new Facebook-esque LOCAL alternative to Facebook. Let me explain. It looks and acts exactly like Facebook, but is geared toward networking with the population of Northeast PA.

Before I close out this entry - don't forget to follow us on Twitter @nepablogs. Have a great weekend everyone!


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