Friday, July 08, 2011

Darling Stewie: A Cute Geeky Blog and Design Portfolio

I decided to do another brute-force search engine search for bloggers in Northeastern Pennsylvania. After picking my way through one about the Nigerian electricity service (called NEPA) and another by someone from Nepal, I came across this:

A Blog About Cute Geeky Stuff, Silly Drawings, & Kawaii Design

From her "What is This?" on the sidebar:

This blog is chocked full of adorable geekery, spooky chic fashion, internet magic, ridiculous drawings, and cute web design. I am not responsible for any brain damage that may occur. You've been warned.

It took me a while to be certain that Stewie (the blogger) actually has a connection to Northeastern Pennsylvania, but that was quickly cleared up when I noticed that she has a tag for posts about NEPA, which includes posts about Jim Thorpe, Hazleton, appearances in local newspapers, and web design for local businesses. (And if I had actually just checked her most recent post, I would have seen that she is in the process of moving to Wilkes-Barre!)

Go and visit Darling Stewie! Just try not to overdose on the cuteness. You've been warned.

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