Sunday, July 24, 2011
Online news and information beyond legacy media

NEPA blogger Jessica Durkin's blog addresses a global question: Where do you get your news in a world where traditional news media is rapidly collapsing on itself?

From the About page:

Where do you get your news?

InOtherNews is a compilation of online, independent journalistic start-ups in the wake of legacy media layoffs and industry shrinkage.

E-mail me links to new news endeavors at The (loose) criteria are that the sites serve as a “replacement” or supplemental news source in areas where the local newspaper or broadcast companies are dropping coverage. The scope can be local, state or national and be niche or broad-focussed — it just needs to be a journalistic endeavor with a newsgathering mission and not part of a corporate media site. However, no hate-speech sites please, such as a community site that serves only to bash a certain group or political figure or to spread unverified/false information.


Jessica's blog looks at independent journalistic endeavors from all over the country. Visit her site to see how people are dealing with the evolution of news media - and the loss of traditional news outlets.


Alma said...

is the purpose of this site to deliver any news regarding the NEPA region? just wondering..

D.B. Echo said...

Alma, which site do you mean? If you're asking about NEPA Blogs, the answer is "no." Our purpose is to Act as "a clearinghouse providing links to blogs and other sites about Northeastern Pennsylvania or by people from Northeastern Pennsylvania."

If you're asking about, the answer is also "no." Like several other blogs linked on this site, this one falls into the second part of our nission statement: it is written BY someone from Northeastern Pennsylvania without necessarily being ABOUT Northeastern Pennsylvania. But if there are any independent news sites based in NEPA, I'm sure Jessica would like to know about them! (And she's looked - that's how she found us!)

Sites that are based IN NEPA without being ABOUT NEPA are actually darned hard to locate, because they're not loaded with key words that would make them show up on a Google search. Most of these we rely on being submitted by blog authors or readers, or just stumbling across them by accident.