Saturday, July 02, 2011

Happenings Magazine

As you know, Harold and I did an interview with Happenings Magazine several months ago about NEPA Blog Fest (Spring Edition) that was to appear in July's issue. I was very excited when the calendar flipped from June to July yesterday so I could see the fruits of our labor. I searched throughout Happenings Magazine's online PDF files of their magazine and to my dismay I did not see our interview. Deciding to dig deeper, I Googled myself (which kind of sounds perverted when you really think about it) using the phrase "Michelle Davies Happenings Magazine" and came across the interview. As it turns out, the interview appeared in the June edition of Happenings Magazine. I am extremely disappointed by this because I'm sure by now most copies of the June edition have long been recycled or thrown away. Luckily, my Google sleuthing skills helped me get the path and a screenshot of the article.

Click here to read the PDF

Or if you are too lazy for that, see below:

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