Friday, August 31, 2012

Endless Mountain Experience

I needed to take a few days off from blogging.  I had reached my maximum blogging energy unit usage updating 3 blogs last week.  It's been a nice vacation, but now it's time to get back to work.

Today I present to you, the Endless Mountains Experience blog.

Endless Mountains Experience

"Hiking, Backpacking, Paddling, Camping, and Exploring Pennsylvania's Endless Mountains...and beyond"

I forget exactly where I came across this blog, I want to say Twitter, but I forgot to write down the source in my post.  From the about (snipped):

"My motivation to write this blog and write the book “Hiking the Endless Mountains” ( has been driven by not only a desire to chronicle my travels, but to also show people how special and unique the Endless Mountains are, and that this region needs to be protected.

Natural gas drilling and development has begun to spread throughout the Endless Mountains.  While these activities can bring great economic opportunities, it can also threaten our environment and natural resouces if not properly managed.  I am not against drilling, but I feel there must be a balance.  I am very concerned how so much of our public lands have been leased for drilling; this is land held in the public trust for all people.  If excessive drilling on public lands is allowed, it will result in the destruction of tens of thousands of acres of forests, habitats, and beautiful natural areas.  Our state forests and game lands attract millions of visitors from around the world to enjoy the outdoors (and spend their money in our communities).  But who will want to hunt, fish, kayak, backpack, camp, hike, or bike ride among rigs, gas wells, and compressor stations?  Who will want to visit parks and forests bulldozed for drilling?  We must preserve these special places for not only future generations, but also this one."

A great thing about blogs such as Endless Mountains Experience is that you can take a tour of a part of Northeast PA without leaving the comfort of your favorite arm chair.  And if you happen to find something that interests you on the blog, you can take a trip to see it in person!  The photos in this blog are amazing, and I'm sure do not do justice to the beauty and serenity that Endless Mountains has to offer.  Head over to the blog and check it out!


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Donald John Williams said...

Re: drilling. There can be no balance.