Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PA Live! Blog of the Week: The Roving Photographer

NEPA Blogs will be presenting a "Blog of the Week" on the WBRE's PA Live! every Tuesday. PA Live! airs weekday afternoons on WBRE from 4:00 to 5:00.

Watch this episode on the PA Live! site:  http://pahomepage.com/palive-details?nxd_id=270022

Our PA Live! Blog of the Week this week is Bent Pennington's The Roving Photographer (http://therovingphotographer.com/).

Brent Pennington is a professional photographer who specializes in portraiture and commercial photography. He even has a blog site dedicated to his professional work. But this isn't that blog.  The Roving Photographer is Brent's blog to showcase his personal work, work done for his own enjoyment, focusing on his passions - nature, wildlife, the world around him. Brent's images feature birds, flowers, spiders, turtles, and the play of sunlight through trees. His posts sometimes also cover technical topics relevant to his art, such as reviews of cameras and camera products, tips and tricks, and even ways to recover when you've arrived at a remote location and realized you've forgotten some essential equipment.

Brent has a passion for photography that extends beyond his profession, and that passion shines through on The Roving Photographer. He has also shared his art through his presentation at Scranton's first Pecha Kucha Night in February called "In Pursuit of Light" (featured here on his professional blog.)

Northeastern Pennsylvania is home to many talented photographers, and the region presents a wide variety of settings and subjects for photographers. Check out Brent Pennington's The Roving Photographer to see how a skilled photographer can present images of NEPA! 

If you have a blog you would like us to link on NEPA Blogs, or know of a blog you think we should link, please let us know! You can always drop us a line at nepablogs@gmail.com!

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