Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tina Imel

I attended the second Scranton Pecha Kucha night this weekend, hosted by blogger Mandy Boyle and with presentations by ten individuals, including Mandy, NEPA Blogs co-administrator Michelle Davies, and bloggers Brian Fulton, Glenn BurgessCatherine Shefski, and Cheri Sundra.  Among the presenters was someone I recognized from the second Scranton StorySlam, a woman with platinum-blonde hair who had served as Conor McGuigan's on-stage assistant. As the night progressed, I leaned that she was a local artist named Tina Imel. Her presentation was all about her art and the experience of being an artist with roots firmly planted in Northeastern Pennsylvania, yet with a global presence established through online networking.

Tina Imel

From her blog's "About Me":

Tina Imel's oil paintings are an amalgamation of classical portraiture, Punch cartoons and medical texts. Her portraits border on the surreal. She often incorporates pieces of someone else's past into her own environment. Her fondness of possessions that have outlived their owners and her traditional style of painting give her introspective and very personal work a connection to history. Tina is an award winning artist whose work has been shown in galleries across the United States and Europe. Her paintings will be published in two upcoming books, including a collection of contemporary female surrealists.

Tina also has an extended Internet presence!

Her non-blog website:
Her Facebook page:
Her Flickr Photostream:
Her MySpace page:
Her Twitter page:

Over the years I have met many brilliant and creative people who have made a conscious decision to stay in Northeastern Pennsylvania and work to make this area a better place - if only through their continued presences. It's people like Tina Imel who give me hope for the future of NEPA!

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