Tuesday, January 08, 2013

From the mailbag: Abingtonian Adventures

Today's blog addition comes to us from Jennifer Deinlein, a NEPA transplant originally from SouthCentral PA. Jennifer is using her blog "Abingtonian Adventures" to document her adventures as a new NEPA resident and equally new mommy-to-be, as well as the not-so-new adventures in freelance writing and other activities.


I have recently started a blog called "Abingtonian Adventures." My husband and I are fairly new to NEPA, now living in South Abington Twp., and I like alliteration. :-)
I blog about getting to know NEPA, organizing our house, being a new mommy-to-be, freelance writing, and anything else I deem "adventure." I'd really appreciate being listed on your blog!
Thank you!

Jennfer's "adventures" could be as simple as going on a drive or organizing her house.  They could also be complex like adapting to a new area or preparing for a new baby.  We are glad to add "Abington Adventures" to our blog roll and hope that you'll take a moment to follow along with these adventures on her blog! 

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