Saturday, January 05, 2013


When the list of bloggers who took part in the NEPA BlogCon was compiled back in September, Dawn Miklich's NEPA Pets was referred to as a "blog in progress." In the months since then it's become fully activated, with regular posts - including daily posts through December right up to Christmas!


From the "About" page:

I think loving pets is a genetic thing in my family. Everyone does, although probably not as much as me. I think the gene is amplified in me. While I never became the veterinarian I wanted to be when I was younger, I’ve been lucky to spend most of my life working and learning about pets.

Much of that time working with pets has been here in Northeastern Pennsylvania so I know people living here are passionate about their pets. NEPA Pets was started to give pet owners a place to learn new things to help give their pet the best life possible, to help make a difference for homeless pets in NEPA and to share the love we all have for our pets.

The NEPA Pets blog is part of a complete online presence, with components on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, too! If you're a pet lover, be sure to check out Dawn Mikulich's excellent blog!

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dawn said...

Wow! What a great thing to wake and discover! Thanks for sharing my blog! And it's still a blog in progress. I have some features I'm working that I want to get started for 2013 so watch for things to come!