Sunday, January 06, 2013

Herbvaceous Lady

The Herbavaceous Lady (aka Sara Crolick) is a little lady on the quest for all things green, nutritious, and joy-inducing as indicated by her blog's tagline.

Sara is a relatively new member to our NEPA Bloggers Facebook group.  She's a former resident of PA who attended Wilkes and is now living in Colorado.  I hate putting labels on bloggers, but Sara is a true "life" blogger with sprinklings of her vegan roots.

From the about page:

Why I became a vegan:  I was twelve the first time I told my parents I would be a vegetarian. I would love to attribute some deep, secret, humanitarian voice guiding my decision, but I feel restlessness and identity-searching were the driving force. My mother didn’t give the cause much thought, certain I was going to lose interest in the idea; my attention span was inconsistent, at best. She just insisted that if I was to become a vegetarian, I would cook for myself. In response, I bought a cookbook. Purchasing a physical object that represented my decision seemed a solid first step.   Ours was a household of comfort foods. The menu often promised animal centered dishes like tunafish casserole, beef stroganoff (a disastrous night for me), and scrambled eggs for dinner. I didn’t know it then because I was too busy having a happy childhood, but these meals were a quiet representation of our meager financial standing.  My parents cooked within their means and I was always physically satiated when I went to bed; however, I still sought a spiritual satiation. My relationship with vegetarianism was short lived and (much like my attention span) inconsistent. Time passed and like most kids, I grew up, though, I did keep the cookbook. 

Be sure to check out her edibles section as there are a lot of yummy and healthy ideas to get a kick start on that New Year's resolution that we all have -- to eat better!

Sara has a loyal Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest following if you'd like to connect with her.  Don't forget to connect with us on those networks too!

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Karla said...

Always lovely to meet a fellow herbivore!