Wednesday, March 20, 2013

About the header image: March 20, 2013

Today is the first day of Spring, but you wouldn't guess that from the weather lately. This hasn't been the worst Winter in NEPA history, not by a long shot, but I think we were spoiled by last year's extremely mild weather. This has been what I've called "The Winter of Minor Annoyances", with frequent nuisance snowfalls and occasional dips into sub-freezing temperatures - but still enough to produce the death and damage that always accompany snow and ice.

Still, as the days begin to outlast the nights, we can look forward to increasingly warmer temperatures. Perhaps this would be a good time to take a look back at the season that has just ended and raise our hands in salute. Our header for the week of March 20 through 26 is a farmhouse on Church Hill Road in Newton, Lackawanna County, photographed by Mike Burnside ( This scene is just begging to be turned into a painting!

And now, Winter is over, and we can all enjoy the Spring. Right...?

If you have any photos that capture the spirit of NEPA, send them in to us at and we'll use them as the NEPA Blogs header!

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