Saturday, March 02, 2013

Beer and (more) Pizza Review Blogs

You've had a long week - the weather sucks, gas prices are rising, and the kids are being evil brats.  You've worked hard and now you deserve a treat.  How about a tall cold one and a slice of cheesy greasy pizza?  Sound good?  I thought so.

We have two bloggers to help you out with selecting your brew and pie.

NEPA Beer Reviews 

"Reviews for Beer Geeks and Craft Beer Beginners"

Joe, Sean and Amanda post video and photos of beers they review on the blog.  They've been at it since March 2012 and are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  You can also follow their adventures on Twitter under the handles @NEPABeerBlogger @NEPABeerReviews and on Facebook.

Keystone Pizza Critic

"my gluttonous | your gain"

You may remember a few months of go, we featured +NEPA PizzaReview on the blog.  At the time, I thought they were the only Pizza Review blog in the region.  It turns out, I was wrong!  James, of the Keystone Pizza Critic blog recently followed us on Twitter and I learned quickly that there was another Pizza Review blog in the area!

From the About: 

"I’m James. I dabble with this, ride my mountain bike, dabble with that, love traveling, pets, entrepreneurship, and of course, pizza.

I love all pizza, so long as it is good. I don’t believe that I have a bias towards thin vs. thick crust, crisp vs. pliable, acidic vs. sweet, round vs. square, fried vs. baked, and so on. While I currently live in the Philadelphia region I was born and raised in the Wilkes-Barre, PA area, and so I have consumed more pizza in that area than any other. I will note that Wilkes-Barre is a short ride from Old Forge, which is viewed by many as the pizza capital of the world. Ironically, I don’t find Old Forge style pizza to be anything special, but I will nonetheless offer reviews of it in the future.

The intent of this blog is to document my opinion and information of varying pizza shops and their products. Most of my reviews will be of establishments in Pennsylvania; maybe sometimes from neighboring states. Sometimes you will agree with my opinion, and maybe sometimes you will not. I welcome your comments either way."

Sounds delicious.  I think I just gained five pounds while adding these to our blog roll.

Happy Saturday!

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