Monday, March 04, 2013

Forget Me Not Lady

Today's blog offering is straight from our NEPA Bloggers Facebook group.  Tamara Tertel-Hersberger coins herself the "Forget Me Not Lady".

"Where Creativity, Inspiration and Faith Collide!"

From the About:

"I remember back in 11th grade when we all were trying to decide what we wanted to be when we GREW UP, I chose Interior Design. I loved every aspect of it and I give “SOME” of that credit to my creative and designing parents, who really made it come natural.

Well then life happened and the road I was getting ready to travel on had a HUGE DETOUR sign that took me in a whole different direction with no GPS. That lady would have been telling me the whole time “You’re going the WRONG WAY” lol (but I wouldn’t have listened anyway.) So now my live choices weren’t about me anymore and the desires of my heart had to be placed on hold for some time."

Follow Tamara's restoration, interior decorating, and life journeys on her blog or on her Facebook page.

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