Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Williams Chronicles

Don Williams blogs at (and is) the Susquehanna River Sentinel. Late last week he posted this on his blog:

My Aunt Sandy - my father's youngest sister - was from my perspective the ultimate Williams/Stewart family historian. I truly believe she threw almost nothing away. In the months ahead, for those that stop by my newest blog, you'll come to understand what I mean by "almost nothing". 

In boxes and folders and albums taking up a sizable corner in our basement, I have become the willing recipient of roughly ~130 years of "stuff" that chronicles the lives of my ancestors and contemporaries who were born and raised in (primarily) northeastern PA before heading off to continue their lives elsewhere. 

In order to share these mementos with members of our expanded families from coast to coast, I've created another blog - The Williams Chronicles- which will afford 24/7 access to all of the pics and documents that I've recently begun scanning.

Don's new blog can be found here:
The Williams Chronicles

It's a fascinating project, one that could be replicated by countless people everywhere. How many of us have access to old family photos, letters, and newspaper clippings? How long until those photos fade, and those letters and clippings crumble into dust? By creating this blog, Don is preserving and sharing historical artifacts of his family, allowing family members (and others) to see things they might never have seen otherwise. What's to stop the rest of us from doing the same?


Donald John Williams said...


Thanks. Finding quite a bit of "stuff" and pics from Bill Jenkins as well. One is a 7 page letter that is somewhat of an autobiography. Want a copy?


D.B. Echo said...

Sure thing! It's amazing to think that I am part of this extended family. I wonder how many other NEPA bloggers you're related to?

Unknown said...

This is neat! I have a WWII letter from my grandfather I've been thinking of typing up and posting.

Also, it would be cool if once a week or on whatever schedule is feasible a "guest post" was lifted (with permission of course) from one of the NEPA blogs as a way to get a better idea of the content out there, sort of like what's been done here, but not introducing a new blog. But I'm sure the administrators are busy people!