Tuesday, June 04, 2013

PA Live! Blog of the Week: Dale Rides His Bike

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Our PA Live! Blog of the Week this week is Dale Culp's Dale Rides His Bike.

As the freezing temperatures of the beginning last week gave way to the broiling temperatures of the middle of last week, the thoughts of many people turned to Summertime and all it has to offer - and the joys of hiding from it in a climate-controlled environment. But for those brave souls willing to brave the elements (and the traffic), the great outdoors of Northeastern Pennsylvania has much to offer. And when it comes to bicycling in this area, Dale Culp (of NEPA Geeks and Growing Up Geek) has you covered with Dale Rides His Bike!

Dale Rides His Bike is a straightforward bicycling blog. In it, Dale Culp writes about the ups and downs of riding a bike in the mountainous terrain and on the twisty, pothole-laden streets of NEPA. Whether it's commuting to work, riding off-road, taking part in biking events, or just going out and having a good time, Dale has probably written about it. He also touches on news and information of special interest to bike riders - locally, nationally, and internationally.

Lots of people in NEPA ride bicycles, but as far as Dale can tell not very many of them are blogging about it. Dale would love to use his blog as a platform for networking with other bicycle riders, commuters, and enthusiasts, to band together to work for more bike lanes, greater recognition of the presence of bicyclists on the roads, and the creation of a safer environment for bicyclists, motor vehicle operators, and pedestrians alike.   If you have an interest at all in bicycling in NEPA, check out Dale Rides His Bike - and then get in touch with Dale! He'd love to hear from you.
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