Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rant, Rage & Rampage

David Yonki tipped me off to the new blog of Dr. Joe Leonardi in this post.   You may remember that Dr. Joe has another blog -- a fitness blog -- over at "Fat Then Fit Now".  The name of the new blog is "Rant, Rage & Rampage" and the blog revolves more around his personal opinions on life topics, politics and pop culture. 

Rant, Rage & Rampage

From the About

A Blog about EVERY & ANYthing! Rant, Rage & Rampage is a stream of thought blog, so there may be typos, grammatical errors, etc… It may not always be upbeat, it may not always be nice, and others may not always like what I comment about. If you don’t like any of that — tough! Thank you for visiting and reading. Please feel free to comment, I don't answer very often because I have had my say, and the comments are for you to have yours. Just remember, even if we disagree, I don't require you to be wrong, for me to be correct in my thinking!

We look forward to hearing Dr. Joe's opinionated rantings.  You can find him and all of our other life bloggers on our ever expanding blogroll on the right hand side!

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Joe said...

Thank you for the mention.