Monday, June 03, 2013


It's hard to believe that I joined Twitter over five years ago (in early 2008).  Time flies by when you are having fun and tweeting about it!  Anyway, one of my first followers on Twitter was @PeterParker_PA, the handle of Times Leader/Go Lackawanna journalist Christopher Hughes.
Chris messaged me through Twitter the other day and needed some guidance on specific topic bloggers for an upcoming piece.  After helping him out, he informed me that he has a blog! 

I don't know if my design blog,, would be eligible for inclusion on the site. I'm doing a lot of pop culture mashups with well-known video game, TV, and movie characters to put on T-shirts to sell online. I'm also adding any corporate logo work I've completed and I'm working to backlog the napkin art series to the site. 

You can read more about his projects on the Bio section of the blog.

One of my favorite things about Chris's blog is that he has been posting some of the photos he's taken of his napkin art.  He started drawing napkins for his daughter’s school lunch in April 2011 and posting them on his Twitter account.  At some point, I think that I told him he should start a blog with them (and obviously he did).  He is too talented and the drawings are too awesome not to share with others.  Also - according to the photo captions -  They’re a hit at lunchtime!

I would be doing a disservice if I didn't make mention of the other Times Leader bloggers.  You can find them at the following URL:


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