Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Forty Fort First and My Quill Pen

Two new blogs, one by way of email, the other through a comment:

Forty Fort First
From the email:
"The blog provides video coverage of Forty Fort Council meetings and Work Sessions. We'll also be providing commentary regarding Forty Fort political issues as required. The site also provides a growing library of municipal documents and links to a discussion forum. "

My Quill Pen
From the introductory post, from March 3 2007:

I call this blog “My Quill Pen” because I’m an old fashioned writer. What does that mean? Writing should be clear, concise and compelling, but above all, it should be correct. Writing correctly seems quaint today; email, IM and blogs make communication instantaneous. Do we sacrifice quality in the bargain?

I’m not much for acronyms and emoticons, but I’m even less for run-on sentences, subjects and verbs that don’t agree, misspellings, improper usages and the like. It’s scandalous that in the 21st Century, we have business executives, lawyers, teachers and community leaders whose writings can’t match those of Civil War soldiers’ letters home for clarity, vigor and thoughtfulness.

I hope my scratchings live up to my ideals.

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Paul Sevensky said...

Thank you for including My Quill Pen in NEPA Blogs. It is much appreciated.