Saturday, February 06, 2010

Frack Mountain

From the Back Mountain - a beautiful area of Northeastern Pennsylvania just northwest of Wilkes-Barre - comes the latest blog to tackle the issue of environmental damage caused by irresponsible natural gas extraction: Frack Mountain.

From the blog's "About" page:

I live in an area called the Back Mountain. It is upland northwest of a large and populated valley. The Back Mountain comprises over 100 square miles and is home to approximately 27,000 humans. It is a verdant and pastoral quilt of relatively thriving communities and two college-sized universities.

Recently, EnCana Corporation was given permission to drill three exploratory natural gas wells in the Back Mountain. This could have major long term consequences for our good community. We need to educate ourselves and our decision makers.

I will be posting information, opinion, and links. I invite your submissions and comments.

Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you

Thanks to Mark Cour of Circumlocution for Dummies for the link.


herb said...

DB Thanks for the link. I am qazse. :)

I will be adding NEPA, SRS, and Circumlocution to the Local Links on FrackMtn. If any of you know of others to be listed please let me know.

Thanks for your good work.

Anonymous said...

Sir: Your blog sounds like an Alarmistic blog of tyhe worst kind.We need energy independence. James,Trucksville