Friday, February 05, 2010

The Susquehanna River Sentinel - now with added features!

For over ten years the clean water enthusiast known as Kayak Dude has been running a site called The Susquehanna River Sentinel, bringing to light all sorts of problems that afflict the Susquehanna River, diminish the ability of people to use and enjoy it, and threaten its ecological and economic future. From the folly of the Inflatable Dam to the dumping of raw sewage directly into the river just upstream of Wilkes-Barre's new riverside recreational facility to the mass poisoning of millions of gallons of water in the hydrological fracturing process of natural gas extraction from the Marcellus Shale formation and the consequent contamination of groundwater near extraction sites, The Susquehanna River Sentinel has covered it all. probably can't find any of that stuff.

In its original form, The Susquehanna River Sentinel didn't have an RSS feed, so there was no easy way for readers to be alerted whenever a new entry was posted. It didn't use permalinks, so there's no way to link directly to a specific entry. And, as far as I can determine, it didn't archive entries. Once a few new entries elbowed their way onto the page, the old entries vanished into the aether.

It's not all gone. Mark Cour has diligently covered a few of the entries on his blogs Wilkes-Barre Online and Circumlocution for Dummies. And it was there that that Mark posted Kayak Dude's announcement of a new version of the site in an entry called KD goes mainstream. This new, reference-ready version of The Susquehanna River Sentinel is now online. A link to the RSS feed has been added to the NEPA Blogs sidebar.

Kayak Dude isn't wasting any time. He has already used the new site to announce a major event happening in less than a week. Check it out here!

If you live in Northeastern Pennsylvania or have any connection to it, this is a blog you should be reading!

The Susquehanna River Sentinel (new version)
The Susquehanna River Sentinel (old version)


Donald John Williams said...

Thanks DB. BTW...I work at a major law firm and I do try to catch-up on NEPA blogs when I get a break during the day. No worries.
Now, if the FBI starts watching your site...

herb said...

DB Thanks for the link. I am qazse. :)

I will be adding NEPA, SRS, and Circumlocution to the Local Links on FrackMtn. If any of you know of others to be listed please let me know.

Thanks for your good work.

Paul Sevensky said...

This is a great site for NE PA bloggers. I'd like to make a request to be added to the blogroll; my name is Paul Sevensky from Clarks Summit; my blog is called My Quill Pen and is found at

thanks very much.