Sunday, February 14, 2010

More political blogs

I've been remiss in sharing links of sites that have caught my attention.

First up is Scranton Public Policy Examiner written by my friend Steve Urbanski of Kingston. Steve seems to know just about everybody involved in local politics and gets many of them to sit down for an interview.

Pike County based Political Pike started out strong covering the PA 10th Congressional race but has slacked off latelty. Let's hope a listing on NEPA Blogs is not the kiss of death like it has been for so many others.

WILKWATCHER is another blog in a long line of now defunct efforts devoted to listening to WILK during the day and then commenting on Sue, Kevin & Nancy and Corbett. I'm a night shift worker so I never get to listen to the morning news and I'm usually on my way to work when Corbett is on so I only catch the beginning of his show. Recently I found that I can take about 4 minutes of his ranting and raving before I switch on one of the college stations. If I'm up early enough I always tune in Sue Henry.

Mike Avery is a former broadcaster, advertising exec & sales and marketing pro, who has owned and operated a small trucking company for the last 15 years. He is based in East Stroudsburg and shares his thoughts at Power of 5 USA for You

I don't know where Scappled is based but it sure has a lot of commentary about NEPA politics.
From the header
Where "Pennsyltucky" is really an insult to Kentucky.

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