Friday, January 27, 2012

A journey In imagery

This one...this one, I've totally forgotten how I got to know about it. Based on the date I first jotted down some notes about it, and the fact that it's the blog of a photographer who is based out of Stroudsburg, I suspect that it is somehow connected to The Forwardian Arts Society.

A journey in imagery

This is the blog of freelance photographer Stephen Lippay. As he says in his very first blog post,

The object is for me here is to post past and current photo projects, sharing my experience, and keeping people updated with where I'm at, and what I've done. If anyone is interested that is... There may be a few that I cannot slip publicly yet, but the time will come.

Photography blogs are always fun. All my life I've preferred books with pictures, and I think I feel the same way about blogs! Be sure to check out A journey in imagery.

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Karen Rice said...

Wow...what stunningly beautiful pictures on that blog. I have bookmarked it - thank you!