Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Quill Pen (new version)

It seemed to me that we added the original version of My Quill Pen to the NEPA Blogs roster ages ago, but in fact it was less than two years ago. It wasn't long after we linked the blog, about a month and a half, that it fell silent. And then it suffered the further indignity of getting its RSS feed scrambled in the sidebar, meaning that even that final post would not be displayed.

A week or so ago I was scrolling through updates from friends on Facebook when I saw one that shared a blog post from a place with a familiar name: My Quill Pen. Say, doesn't whoever's blogging at that site know that that name's already taken?, I thought. I clicked through to the blog and saw a familiar photo above the blogger's name. I clicked through to the old version of My Quill Pen and saw that it was the same blogger, same name,  - even the same photo!

So now we present to you the new (and updating!) version of My Quill Pen! Let's hope this post doesn't serve, as seems to happen all too often, as the NEPA Blogs kiss of death!

My Quill Pen (new version)

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