Sunday, May 22, 2011

Call for header photos!

Northeastern Pennsylvania is full great photographers, amateur and professional alike.  We've also got loads of excellent photographic subjects that are uniquely - or sometimes not-so-uniquely! - representative of NEPA, or of specific parts of NEPA.  I've culled a handful of photos from my collection that I thought might be eye-catching as part of the header of this blog, and once Michelle worked out the technical details and created the "sunrise" header (from a photo I took over my neighbor's house one morning) I made a bunch of them.  Some of them are less interesting than others.  But one thing I realized: they betray the fact that most of my photo safaris are done in Luzerne County, particularly in the Wilkes-Barre area.

So: If you have a camera, and you've got (or would like to take!) photos that you think would nicely reflect the beauty, diversity, and uniqueness of Northeastern Pennsylvania, or would just look good at the top of a blog page, please send them to us! 

Some guidelines:

1. Photos will be resized to be 920 pixels wide, 72 pixels per inch. If you could send them in like this, that would be great!
2. Photos should be 300-500 pixels tall, or roughly two to three times wider than they are tall.
3. Photos should include enough open space to plop the words "NEPA Blogs" in super-gigantic text somewhere.  If not blank space, then an area where these words can be inserted without covering anything essential.
4. Include a description of what is in the photo and where it was taken.  I'll insert this in a handwritingish font (Akbar, based on the handwriting of Matt Groening) somewhere along the edge or in some dead space.  If nothing presents itself, I can create a photo frame edge and put the description there.
5. Please also include how you would like your photo credited - name, blog address, blog name, or whatever!

I think that's it.  Any photos that you'd like to see featured as headers, please send to Thank you!

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