Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Manic Frustration

One of @nepablogs most recent followers on Twitter is @DaleWilseyJr. By exploring his profile, I was able to discover that he indeed has a blog. It's called Manic Frustration. "It seems there's a fine line between creativity and insanity."

You can read more about the extensive background of Dale here, but I think the last paragraph on the About page sums it up best:

Right now, I sit in Tunkhannock. I work a 9-5 (really an 8-6) job to pay my bills. Books keep collecting on my shelves and words keep filling up blank pages in my notebooks or on my typer. Records keep spinning, music keeps playing. I still fish in the creeks and ponds around the area. The forests and mountains still bring me peace and memories from my childhood and, although this town is beginning to change at a rapid pace all around, the Tunkhannock I remember as a child still remains. It's the town in which my father grew up. His mother and father. It's still here and always a part of me no matter where life may take me in the future. I like it that way.


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Unknown said...

Thank you for this mention. It's always a good feeling to know people are reading my work whether it be online or in print.

Dale R. Wilsey Jr.