Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two by Holly Ord

On the NEPA Bloggers Facebook page, NEPA blogger Holly Ord has informed us of her two blogs:

Woman Tribune

From the About page:
Welcome to Woman Tribune, a webspace for women that explores and discusses our Woman Wide World.

There are countless websites and blogs out there and more are being created every single day. While most websites and blogs fall under a category or are shelved in a niche that’s terribly hard to break out of, Woman Tribune was founded with the mindset that there should be more spaces out there that give you a little taste of everything.

No one has just one interest or one topic they like to read about and Woman Tribune strives to have something that will interest anyone, regardless of their location or lifestyle. Woman Tribune is a space for women, for moms, single ladies, fashionistas, tech-savvy gals, entertainment buffs, concerned citizens of the world, pet owners, and much more.


Menstrual Poetry

From the About page:
Menstrual Poetry is a feminist and extremely liberal opinion website that was launched in December 2007 as a response to U.S. politics and what is being said and done about social issues.

Menstrual Poetry is a website for free-thinkers; for people who reject the idea that greed and consumerism is and should be what makes up The American Dream. People should no longer be expected to be complacent with the government, both national and local, that they find themselves in and it is strongly believed that people rightfully deserve to have a voice and a platform to express their opinions, concerns and beliefs about the world they are equally a part of, regardless of gender, class, race, size, sexual orientation or gender identity.

This website works to hold administrations, corporations, businesses, the media and people accountable for the laws, decisions and images that they put out into the world, thus affecting the lives of people everywhere.

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