Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cooking Like Keller

"Cooking Like Keller" is a demonstrative cooking blog of a former NEPA resident. I will be adding this blog to the "Bloggers Originally From NEPA" section to the sidebar.

From the About section: Chronicling the culinary misadventures of an amateur chef in his attempts to cook and eat the most delicious food possible.

My first question after reading this blog was "Who is Keller? And why is the author cooking like him?" The answer of this question was found with a simple search of Wikipedia. The chef aspires to cook like his idol Chef Thomas Keller who is known for being a famous French cook.

**Michelle's Sidebar: If "Unexplained Things" was our first official Tumblr blog added to the site. Make "Cooking Like Keller" the second official Tumblr blog addition. As you can see from the differences in these two blog setups, Tumblr appears to be a highly customizable blogging platform much like Wordpress or Blogger.

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