Sunday, May 22, 2011

Laugh to Live

Laugh to Live, LLC. is the website for a very interesting organization in which laughter is used as a means of healing...and it is based right here in Northeastern PA!

Ok, got me. This isn't really considered a blog at all. For that, I will be placing this website under the "NEPA Organizations and Companies" section of the blog roll. Jeannine is just so awesome and hilarious, that she deserves some attention in our blogging community. Last year, she performed (at the last minute I might add, after one of the other comedians bailed) at the comedy show that my Leadership Wilkes-Barre project group put on

About the Owner of Laughter to Live - Jeannine Luby has spent much of her life making people laugh. First entertaining family and friends and then performing stand-up and improvisational comedy over the past 13 years. She became a Certified Laughter Leader by the World Laughter Tour* in 2006 to further promote the benefits of laughter to audiences of all ages and interests through laughter exercises.

You can check out Jeannine entertaining an audience at Gotham Comedy Club in NYC here:

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